Iman Shumpert breaks Old Man Pierce’s ankles (GIF)

Paul Pierce has fallen and can’t get up.

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Scenes from 1963 March on Washington. The march was documented by James Blue and restored by the US National Archives. The *entire film can be seen on the US National Archives Youtube Channel.

*The audio from 23:13 to 29:44 in this film has been redacted due to a copyright restriction by Dr. King’s family

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All Star Rewind

Ewing (1996)

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U feel the heat muh fugga…BAD CALL!!

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GODDAMN:  Ray Allens boofs on Tracy McGrady

Magic v. Bucks.  2001 NBA Playoffs.  First round.  Game 3. 

The Magic were up 11 with 4:30 left in the 4th quarter.  With 8.9 seconds left, Orlando led by 2, but the Bucks were inbounding the ball.

Young Ray Allen blew by Darrell Armstrong, and put one on McGrady’s head, to tie the game and send it to overtime.  The Bucks would lose the game, but won the series, before defeating the Charlotte Hornets in the 2nd round, and eventually losing to the Philadelphia 76ers after 7 games in the Eastern Conference Finals.


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License to Lillard: The Draft 

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Snoop Dogg on ice. D-O doubble gizzle on the… izzle?

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